Carpal tunnel surgery recovery time

What is carpal tunnel surgery?

Carpal tunnel surgery recovery time hovers around 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery, varying from person to person. This surgery is done to relief a person of carpal tunnel syndrome and its symptoms. The surgery involves the cutting of the tissue around the wrist which in turn alleviates the pressure on the median nerve and hence relieves the person of pain and other symptoms. Most people who undergo this surgical procedure find the treatment effective. This helps to relieve the pain and prevent any further damage to the hand or the wrist. Carpal tunnel surgery, also known as carpal tunnel release can be done like open surgery or can be endoscopic in nature. Early diagnosis and treatment of this problem prevent the median nerve from being permanently damaged. There are basically two types of treatments for this problem, surgical and non surgical. Non surgical one involves using a splint or modifying daily activities or use of alternate therapies like yoga and acupressure. The other method is the surgical one, which is also rated as a successful treatment.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal tunnel surgery recovery at home

After being discharged from the hospital, the carpal tunnel surgery recovery time depends on many factors. Taking care of oneself and following the instructions given by your doctor are key elements. The doctor or the health care provider gives a set of guidelines that must be followed to instigate a speedy recovery. For performing different activities, the patient is given wound care instructions that must be adhered to. A medical prescription would be handed over to the patient. Pain in the wrist area is common after a carpal tunnel surgery. If the pain is too much and is troublesome, then pain killer drugs are advised which are pretty effective in such cases. The pain might be more initially but eventually tapers off within the next couple of weeks. It is also advised to give some kind of support to the hand and the wrist either by using a splint or keeping an extra pillow below the hand while sleeping. If one experiences swelling, then try keeping the hand above your heart level. It has been observed that the patients who keep moving and exercising their fingers have a lesser carpal tunnel surgery recovery time. Routine checkups with the doctor are important as they help to assess the rate of recovery. After assessing the improvement, the doctor removes the stitches and perhaps puts a new splint. After a couple of weeks then, the splint is also removed. To resume normal activities that require hand and wrist movement, 4 to 6 weeks is an average carpal tunnel surgery recovery time.


This problem can be easily dealt with the effective treatments available in the medical field. It is important to read the signs and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome on time so that the treatment can be initiated without any delay. Your doctor will brief you more about carpal tunnel surgery recovery time.


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